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At EFAM Air, we are trusted experts for all types of ventilation services from domestic residences to commercial properties and all system types.

Our team are available to answer your questions and provide a full summary of our services. If you are needing a survey, want to find out more about indoor air quality or aren’t sure where to start on fire damper testing, inspection and maintenance call us on 0800 084 3520, email us using or use the contact us box below and one of our friendly team will come back you.

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Let us solve your issues with ventilation across your domestic or commercial property.

All of the EFAM Air team are fully trained to help identify any issues with your property and can offer free expert advice to provide solutions for your problems. We offer free surveys with an engineer to provide a full-service solution.

Send a photo of your problem or give us a time to arrange a call and we will:

  • Arrange a time to send an engineer to your property for a comprehensive survey
  • Identify the root cause of the condensation, damp and/or mould problems in the property
  • Recommend a cost-effective solution to the issues that are affecting your enjoyment of the home

Get in touch today to see how air quality impacts your quality of life.

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