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Unsure what system you have? Let us tell you.

Capital Investment V2-1

Capital Investment Projects

Our team can deliver on all size projects for installation or retrofitting old systems. We can help gauge the system requirements to fit your needs. 

Projects work better with contractors working in tandem. At EFAM Air, we train our engineers, not only to be competent and compliant in the field but to understand that fluid situations need expansive thinking.

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Reactive Maintenance Solutions

EFAM Air can provide full 360 service agreements to guarantee a complete service for your projects from build to sustainable service provision. 

People are spending more time inside their homes than ever before. Without adequate ventilation, residents could be exposed to over 900 potentially dangerous particles and allergens. With the majority of these pollutants being invisible and odourless, it’s critical that homes are adequately ventilated to ensure the health and safety of those living there.

House Build

New Build Developments

Our engineers can make your development of new sites a seamless experience. With a full range of ventilation services and provisions, EFAM Air can prevent issues before your buildings are occupied. 

Buildings are now being made as energy efficient as possible, sealing in the home so that there are limited ways for fresh air to get into the property to counteract the humidity in the atmosphere, causing damage to the property and health concerns to residents.

Green Housing

Energy Efficient Retrofit

To achieve the governments Net Zero targets it is vital that we make our current housing energy efficient, comfortable and adaptable to the changing needs of residents and home owners. 

When refurbishing a property, social housing providers need to ensure that the work carried out meets the minimum standards set out in Approved Document F: Means of Ventilation.

Why ventilation matters

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Control Humidity
Control Humidity
Family life creates damp air. Properly maintained, your system controls this humidity.
Remove Pollution
Remove Pollution
Without proper ventilation, pollution concentrates more in your home than outside.
A properly maintained MVHR system reduces noise, drafts and insects inside your home.
Energy Savings
Energy Savings
30% of your heating energy can be saved with highly-efficient MVHR when kept in good order.

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Let us solve your issues with ventilation across your domestic or commercial property.

All of the EFAM Air team are fully trained to help identify any issues with your property and can offer free expert advice to provide solutions for your problems. We offer free surveys with an engineer to provide a full-service solution.

Send a photo of your problem or give us a time to arrange a call and we will:

  • Arrange a time to send an engineer to your property for a comprehensive survey
  • Identify the root cause of the condensation, damp and/or mould problems in the property
  • Recommend a cost-effective solution to the issues that are affecting your enjoyment of the home

Get in touch today to see how air quality impacts your quality of life.

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