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In any environment with indequate ventilation mould spores will germinate and grow, creating a haven for dust mites to breed in. Conditions like asthma are seriously aggravated and allergic symptoms like rhinitis and eczema are exacerbated. 

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In any occupied environment, moisture is produced by daily activities like breathing, bathing, cooking, washing and drying clothes. 

A typical family can produce up to 10 litres of  water per day which ends up in the air, travelling throughout homes and offices revealing itself as condensation on windows, mirrors and tiles..



Dampness presents a pervasive challenge for many individuals across the UK, often creeping in swiftly and causing distressing living conditions while wreaking havoc on property.

Tackling this problem effectively necessitates swift action and the deployment of professional-grade solutions such as advanced ventilation technologies like extractor fans. These devices excel at expelling surplus moisture from indoor spaces, offering a rapid and efficient remedy. 



In the UK, ventilation is a critical aspect of social housing and work projects, and legislation plays a key role in ensuring the safety, health, and well-being of occupants. 

The responsible person needs to consider a number of legislative areas to keep residents and employees safe under UK law. 

Find out more about tenant and landlord responsibilities by clicking the button below. 

Why ventilation matters

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Control Humidity
Control Humidity
Family life creates damp air. Properly maintained, your system controls this humidity.
Remove Pollution
Remove Pollution
Without proper ventilation, pollution concentrates more in your home than outside.
A properly maintained MVHR system reduces noise, drafts and insects inside your home.
Energy Savings
Energy Savings
30% of your heating energy can be saved with highly-efficient MVHR when kept in good order.

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