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Communal Ventilation Requirements 

Poor air quality can significantly affect lives, underscoring the importance of ensuring a healthy indoor environment for residents' well-being. This involves maintaining an efficient, effective, and hygienic communal ventilation system.

Additionally, communal ventilation systems often incorporate crucial fire prevention measures, making their upkeep essential for safety purposes. Compliance with fire risk control Health & Safety regulations is mandatory for social housing communal ventilation systems.

Capital Investment V2-1

Those responsible for maintaining housing stock must conduct thorough risk assessments and devise site-specific solutions. This includes implementing regular maintenance procedures and adhering to fire risk control measures to ensure the safety and comfort of residents. 

EFAM Air can provide full system guidance: 

Whole System Survey | Cleanliness Survey | Fire Damper | Efficiency survey 
System Cleaning | Annual Fire Damper inspection, testing, maintenance | Fan maintenance | Planned Preventative Maintenance 



Take advantage of our free surveys and expertise in all areas of indoor air quality and passive fire protection : 

Retrofitting including ductwork, dampers & grilles | Fire Rated Ductwork maintenance, inspection and cleaning. 
Fire compartmentation services to help your facilities managers to comply with the latest legislation. 

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