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Issues with damp? 

Why endure the discomfort of living with damp when we have the means to eliminate it entirely?

Are musty odors permeating your home? Do cold, damp walls greet you each morning? Are your windows cloaked in condensation? Perhaps your walls bear the telltale signs of discoloration, or worse, plaster and paint are beginning to degrade. These are all indications of a larger issue: dampness.



Damp poses a significant challenge for many residents in the UK, capable of swiftly manifesting and causing both physical discomfort and property damage.

Condensation dampness stands as the most prevalent form, arising when warm, moisture-laden air encounters cooler surfaces, resulting in the formation of minuscule water droplets. However, this need not be a permanent fixture in your living space.

Utilizing advanced ventilation technologies, such as extractor fans, we can swiftly, professionally, and effectively mitigate this issue, expelling excess moisture from the air. In doing so, we not only restore comfort and safety to your home but also offer substantial savings in time and money while safeguarding your health from the perils of damp environments.


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For more complex damp concerns, such as penetrating or rising damp, it's imperative to enlist the expertise of a qualified professional. Their ability to accurately identify the root cause is paramount in implementing targeted and effective solutions, thus preventing further damage to your property.

Don't delay! Take proactive steps towards resolving your damp issues today. Schedule a free survey with your EFAM Air ventilation expert, who will assess the problem and provide you with the optimal solution tailored to your needs.

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All of the EFAM Air team are fully trained to help identify any issues with your property and can offer free expert advice to provide solutions for your problems. We offer free surveys with an engineer to provide a full-service solution.

Send a photo of your problem or give us a time to arrange a call and we will:

  • Arrange a time to send an engineer to your property for a comprehensive survey
  • Identify the root cause of the condensation, damp and/or mould problems in the property
  • Recommend a cost-effective solution to the issues that are affecting your enjoyment of the home

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