MVHR system servicing

Regular maintenance

Servicing and care are critical to the safe operation of your MVHR unit.

Services include;

  • Heat Recovery Service (MVHR)

    A full clean and sanitisation of the unit. New filters are installed and, the in-room air valves are cleaned and sanitised.

    Central Extract Service (MEV)

    Our annual MEV service takes care of the key parts of the system, ensuring that it is functioning correctly.

    Positive Input Service (PIV)

    Our annual PIV service ensures your home environment is kept fresh, healthy and free from condensation and mould.

Your air quality home depends on regular servicing and filter changes.  A poorly maintained system will soon get blocked by household debris and dust, preventing it from functioning correctly.  The resulting mould and condensation poses a serous risk to your family’s health. We can visit your home, carry out an extensive cleaning and sanitation of your MVHR system and install brand new filters, ensuring it will be at peak performance.

What system do I have?
We don’t blame you if you have no idea what the system in your home is. A lot of people don’t even know it’s there or how important it is. Call us on 0800 084 3520 or upload a photo and we can deal with everything for you.

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